Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey Dude

I’m sure he got it from his Dad because I never was that curly.

My son’s hair has been bothering me for some time. It seems like his hair gets to be an inch high after just a week from his visit to the barbershop. I don’t really want to heavily weigh down his hair with gel every time he goes to school but yes, I’ve tried this trick too.

It was a good thing then that while I was flipping through the TV channels one night, and chanced upon some ‘dudes’ as my daughter would call them, wearing what she called beanies, that I had a spark of an idea. What if I let my son wear a bonnet (wasn’t that what we called them before? Okay, Pia says ‘No’.), err, beanie for several minutes to flatten his hair??? Well, there was only one way to find out.

And by golly, it worked!

Nowadays, my son sports a much trimmed-down-looking hairstyle even after almost 3 weeks after his haircut. Naturally, when I visited my favorite hairdresser, I told her about my interesting discovery. She told me then that she made her now 25-year old son wear beanies ever since he was 5 precisely because she had the same dilemma.

My advice to those in need of help for even the seemingly mundane things…go ask a professional…right away.

Of course Gabby is not the only curly one in the house. I have two dudes…1:alpha by Meredith Fenwick; background paper and small “g” tag by Kim Christensen; circle paper, newspaper printed paper, masking tape and arrow by Michelle Underwood; black snap frame, yellow floss thread and date brush by Katie Pertiet

2:file frame by Mary Ann Wise