Monday, February 13, 2006

Rainy Days

It’s been drizzling a lot lately, the days almost always marred by overcast skies. We may not have winter here, but the rainy days, as The Carpenters sang, can get me down.

Since I surmised that the Net must have the answer to rainy-day blues, I searched. Actually, I did think of looking for the answer in ‘The Godfather’. However, I highly doubt if even Tom Hanks’ character in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ will find the answer to what I seek from the Mafia movie.

There were many sites which gave varied opinions on how to beat the blues, and it was quite entertaining to read them. One site which I felt offered sound advice (only because I already do this when I get the dreaded blues), stated among other things, that I should “Sit by the window look out and gaze”. And I did. It was quite soothing, especially when Gabby joined me and asked questions like, why the sky was orange, and how the rain can come out of the clouds, and other stuff that I’m sure I knew at one time in my life, but have unfortunately forgotten now…

Well, the article also said that I should “connect with sunny people” and “look at the cheery color orange”. So I guess being with Gabby, on a rainy afternoon, looking at the orange sky, should cheer me up. And it did. It still does.
:paper by Jen Wilson of; stitched x by Kristie of; Photoshop brushes, mine


Blogger NJbabe said...

This is my second time...anyways as I said It is about time...Kids ask questions that makes your lifeless day complete. I guess it has been raining there as it hs been snowing here...Cheer up and I luv your layout plus the picture of Gabby...

2:19 AM  
Anonymous tin said...

this is very nice! simple yet so touching.

5:00 PM  

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