Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Most of us would like to believe that there is someone strong and brave enough to release us from the invisible ropes of bondage whether in the form of poverty, oppression, or plain old bad guys. Perhaps this is why people, young and old alike, enjoy computer RPGs while children (and even adults?) imagine themselves as rich, royal, or superheroes.

As a parent, I was not exempted from the demands by Gabby for superhero videos and costumes. I have done 2 layouts to immortalize these instances to show how ‘a kiss and a hug’ can actually lead to ‘let’s go and buy’.

1. Ever since he saw the preview to the sequel of Zorro, he has renewed his acquaintance with this horse-riding, whip-lashing hero. Since he already has a Zorro costume and consequently, a layout last year, I hope that this entry will remind him that he no longer needs a new costume especially now that his old one no longer fits him.

2. Before Gabby leaves for pre-school everyday, he would go over his masks and choose which one he will wear for play with his friends while in the playground. I often wondered why he wanted to stay an extra 15 to 30 minutes after school until I came to know that he and his classmates would take turns playing Batman, Spiderman or whichever superhero would strike their fancy. Being my only son, he doesn’t compete with anyone for his toys so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that he was voluntarily lending his masks to his classmates. Considering that his superhero masks and costumes are precious to him, his gracious acquiescence to his classmates’ overtures for his masks makes me proud of the unselfish little guy he’s turning out to be.

I am sure that like my nephews before him, Gabby will soon outgrow his liking for super hero costumes and role-playing. But before that, and lest I forget, I would like to remember one of the questions he almost always asks himself before leaving for school, “Who will I be today?”

:paper and transfers by Denise Docherty of Scrapbook-Elements


Blogger NJbabe said... long last....but I could not even imagine how it must be to be creative and write up something that is dear to us....seing Gabby growing up and much more able to capture this is something to remember. I could not picture this as I only have daughters so all I see are "girly" stuffs. So it is really nice to see what is the "fad" of the other gender. As usual the layout is perfect...

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