Thursday, September 08, 2005

At 13

Here we are on my daughter’s 13th birthday. Time flew swiftly for although my eyes see the young lady that she has become, my heart remembers cradling a small baby girl who just opened her big round eyes for the first time.

I find it difficult to write down my feelings for my daughter on this birthday. Perhaps because I always thought that this age puts a marker on one’s life…a marker which stands for change in attitude, plans, and dreams. And so, I decided to make a simple card to greet her and let her know that we will always be here for her, at any age.

:papers by Mindy Terasawa of Thedigichick; frame charm from SMDesigns; flower element made from a flower brush at SMDesigns; sheer numbers and letters by Lyndsay Riches of Scrapbook-bytes


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Creativity is where you placed Pia's picture...

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