Tuesday, September 27, 2005


We take it for granted that we age with every second of every day. Sometimes though, it manifests itself in ways we cannot ignore. The following is an account of one such encounter.

For several weeks now, I’ve been experiencing headaches and finding it increasingly difficult to read. Having been myopic since 7, I thought that I needed a higher grade for my contact lenses. So after a few more days of denial, I jumped to acceptance and decided to have my eyes checked. After I was assured that my contact lenses were fine, the good doctor made me try the big chunky glasses for near vision screening. And Whoa! I could see those letters without having to stretch my arms. Then, she said, “you have to wear reading glasses…it is part of the natural aging process. How old are you?” Ouch!

Yes, it finally dawned on me. Age is taking its toll. I couldn’t fully understand before why some of my high school and law school classmates had to take out their small square glasses when confronted with some form of reading material. Now I know, and I join them in the group action of having to grope for the dreaded reading glasses. What is my sole comfort in all these thoughts of ‘advancing maturity’? With my eyeglasses, I again have a vision of modified 20/20.
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Friday, September 23, 2005

Question Me An Answer

Since Gabby’s budding inquisitiveness from the time he spoke, I have been looking for the books that I used to read just so I can answer all of my daughter’s questions when she was Gabby’s age. Of course, Edwin says I don’t really need those now with the advent of wikipedia. But there’s something about the feel of the written word that makes books handy companions when being questioned incessantly by a 4-year old.

And so I’ve done a couple of layouts which show how we answered just 2 of the questions Gabby asked us.
1. Why does the fish open and close its mouth? Since I’m not overly fond of fishes and know very little about them, it was a good thing that Edwin was there to answer Gab’s question.

:paper from the Visual Emotion Collection cd At Scrapbook-bytes; recolored wordart by AnnaAspnes of fotoscrapix
2. Where does the sun go when it sets? He asked me this question while we were looking out our window one dusk in October last year. Naturally, I evaded the question by telling him that we’ll just show him. What better place in the world can we go to show Gabby where the sun sets than our very own Manila Bay? As we strolled on the cemented walk at Luneta, I myself was awed by nature’s own rendition of the changing hues of reds and yellows that swathed the sky that late afternoon. I was thankful too for my son’s query for I had forgotten just how breath-taking our sunsets can be in this little piece of paradise we call home.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

At 13

Here we are on my daughter’s 13th birthday. Time flew swiftly for although my eyes see the young lady that she has become, my heart remembers cradling a small baby girl who just opened her big round eyes for the first time.

I find it difficult to write down my feelings for my daughter on this birthday. Perhaps because I always thought that this age puts a marker on one’s life…a marker which stands for change in attitude, plans, and dreams. And so, I decided to make a simple card to greet her and let her know that we will always be here for her, at any age.

:papers by Mindy Terasawa of Thedigichick; frame charm from SMDesigns; flower element made from a flower brush at SMDesigns; sheer numbers and letters by Lyndsay Riches of Scrapbook-bytes