Monday, August 29, 2005

My Nephews

My son has taken to drawing and coloring lately that he’s been spending most of his time sitting quietly just scribbling on various papers on his table. In one of his attempts to draw a man on a horse, one of my nephews, Pepe, drew it for him. I marveled at the way Pepe drew people and I learned later that this was how the anime characters looked like. I asked Pepe to show me some of his work and came to know that he’s been drawing and keeping a file of his artwork too. Somehow all the drawing and painting classes that he took when he was younger paid off.

I then asked my other nephew, Joaquin, what he likes doing now. He readily answered aikido, soccer and wanting to play in the Alaska Cup. Not really a tall dream for a boy of 6 who has seemingly boundless energy. I cannot even take a picture with him staying still for more than five seconds.

Although we live in a compound with my sister’s family and I have seen my nephews grow, it seems that like my children, these boys have grown in the blink of an eye. For this entry I would like to feature my 2 nephews and their present interests. Here you go, Joaquin and Pepe.
:"you make life fun" element by Jen Wilson of Scrapbook-bytes
:papers by Jen Wilson of Scrapbook-bytes; red wavy element by Carrie Stephens of Fishscraps


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the anime drawings of your nephew. To be able to draw them requires a lot of interest in them. Hopefully, he will hone his skills and become engaged in the arts. He seems to have a knack for it.

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