Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just for a Week

:Kraft paper by Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals
Paper mats by Dianne Rigdon @ SBB
silver paper clip by the digichick
When I was in grade school and high school, I remember dreading the quarterly exam week because it would mean being cooped up in the study room from one weekend to the next for intensive review of all class subjects. But one thing I looked forward to during the exam week (which my daughter apparently shares), was the half-day classes. This would mean lunch at home, a short nap perhaps, and a wee bit of phone chatting with some classmates, before taking on the daunting task of actually studying.

When my daughter stepped into grade 5, my husband and I gave her free reign on her studies. By then, we believed she had developed good study habits. Although she still asks occasional help on certain subjects, she has pretty much done well on her own, and still does us proud with her grades.
This last week saw her go through quarterly exams. No matter what the results are, and though we always hope for the best, we know that it is the heart and the discipline that she pours into her education which matter most in the end.


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