Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In My Father's Arms

Edwin and I watched "The Great Raid", a film based on the actual story of the successful rescue of more than 500 American POWs from a Japanese prison camp in Cabanatuan. Set in 1945, I was reminded how Filipinos lived during the war -- of how they were in constant fear of the Japanese soldiers who seemed to give no value to human life. Even now, my father who was then in his pre-teens, would recall the inhumane treatment the Filipinos suffered daily from the Japanese.

He often wondered how he and his sisters survived the war with little or no sustenance, severely impoverished as they were then. God, in His infinite love and generosity, allowed my father to live despite all the hardships he suffered during and after the war.

As we gathered for Dad’s 72nd birthday, I thank God that my parents are with us, and their grandchildren continue to enjoy the special kind of love only doting grandparents can give. For this entry, I have chosen to post a layout of a tender moment I captured on my father's birthday.
:papers by Denise Docherty


Blogger hanagirl said...

I am so loving this layout! nice one :) hi, just passing by:)

11:29 PM  
Blogger MommyBa said...

I love this grungy and faded look for your layout. Great choice of color too. Great job on this one.

7:07 AM  
Blogger NJbabe said...

You really did a great job with the layout more specially on the writeup. Great Job!!!!Keep up the energy adn would love to read more...

9:59 PM  

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